Our Services

We help nonprofits build capacity through expert counsel.
Working together, we create lasting impact for our clients and their communities.

At our core, NGA is a trusted expert in the design and implementation of major capital, endowment, and comprehensive fundraising campaigns. Our fundraising counsel combines an innovative approach to proven practices with data-driven research and personal experience to create a customized strategy that will motivate your team and inspire your donors to reach your goal.

Every day, nonprofits balance greater mission impact with limited resources in a competitive environment. NGA’s collaborative and consensus-building approach to planning aligns your unique vision with innovative, results-driven, yet achievable strategies tailored to your organization.

Your people have the passion for your mission and the skills to manage the day to day. As your trusted advisor, NGA can give your board and staff leadership the confidence and capability to take on a transformative development campaign.

Philanthropy is about building relationships. With more than 38 years of experience, NGA has established connections with extraordinarily talented and dedicated fundraising executives. And most of our associates lead successful nonprofits before they joined our company. We are positioned to help you fill your critical leadership positions.

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