Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo

Their Vision

Transforming the lives of thousands of children and setting them on the path to a successful future, the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo is a respected institution in the community. Over the past four years, daily attendance has increased by 230%, creating a growing demand for services and an urgent need for space. In response to this growth, the Board of Directors launched a $3 million capital campaign to expand the facility with 6,500 square feet of multi-use space including homework support, a STEM center, a teen center, and more – ensuring that every child who needs the Club has access.

Our Strategy

Starting in the campaign planning study and continuing throughout the campaign, the Club strategically recruited influential community leaders to serve in key positions. These leaders became ambassadors for the campaign, as well as compelling solicitors. They led committee work, met with donors and held information receptions in their homes to engage their peers. Strong volunteer leadership, collaborating with the Club’s CEO Roberto Martinez and the NGA team, strengthen the culture of philanthropy to benefit an impressive youth development organization.

Success Together

Securing almost 70 gifts over $10,000, the Club exceeded its goal, raising $3.1 million. The pandemic however caused the project costs to increase by almost $1.2 million. The original campaign required 27 months and built the fundraising strength of the Club to all time high levels, but the cost increase necessitated an additional campaign effort. The strongest leaders in the original campaign were recruited for a “supplemental campaign” and, partnering with Netzel Grigsby Associates, the Club attracted new donors, deeply engaged current donors, and most importantly, raised the additional funds in less than one year. Construction is now underway to expand the facility to better meet community needs.

BGC logo

“With Netzel Grigsby, our organization found trusted and knowledgeable consultants, who guided us through a process which was new to all of us. Their professionalism and experience helped tremendously in accomplishing our goal, helping us be efficient in managing both our time and resources, all while maximizing volunteer engagement. I strongly recommend a consultation for any organization considering a sizeable campaign.”

- Roberto Martinez, CEO, Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo

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