The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division

Their Vision

The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division - the largest social services provider in the state - wanted to celebrate their 125th anniversary through a transformational initiative to stop the cycle of poverty, homelessness and addiction that plague our 50th state. The Advisory Board proposed a campaign to secure $75 million from individuals, businesses, foundations and corporations in support of program needs, capital improvements and a strong endowment for sustainability.

Our Strategy

Netzel Grigsby Associates worked collaboratively with The Salvation Army’s Long-Range Property Committee and Creative Fundraising Associates to refine the plans and budget from a fundraising perspective. A case statement was developed that described the components of the project and clearly outlined the anticipated outcomes from the infusion of $75 million in the Community Transformation initiative. A volunteer and staff committee guided the planning process and offered input and advice. Conducting dozens of interviews with strategically selected influential and affluent individuals, NGA assessed the likely philanthropic giving and volunteer leadership for the initiative. Research conducted by NGA and Creative Fundraising Associates supported a campaign of the magnitude required to implement the renewal campaign.

Due to a staffing change at The Salvation Army, NGA was called on to serve as Interim Director of Development to ensure the campaign and ongoing fundraising proceed during the staffing transition.

Success Together

In consultation with The Salvation Army’s Advisory Board, the Community Transformation Campaign was launched in October of 2019 with a Phase 1 goal of $16 million to fund five different capital projects on Oahu and Hawaii Islands and $30 million in planned gifts. The plan includes gifts from a wide variety of sources, including; individuals, businesses, foundations, governmental funding as well as proceeds from the sale of property owned by The Salvation Army. This innovative plan positions The Salvation Army to invest $16 million in critical facility renewal and expansion projects while at the same time increasing their endowment, allowing The Salvation Army to continue transforming lives and communities for generations to come.

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Netzel Grigsby Associates has provided invaluable strategic guidance beginning with campaign pre-planning, feasibility study, and now implementation of our Community Transformation Campaign. In addition, when our Director of Development resigned unexpectedly, NGA immediately stepped in providing interim development services to ensure that all of our fundraising activities within our division continued without missing a beat!”

- Jeff Martin, Major, 
Divisional Commander, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division

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