Mirman School

Their Vision

Established in 1962, Mirman School, located in Los Angeles and dedicated to gifted children, was ready to embark on its next phase of growth. The school's leadership aimed for a campaign to enable capital expansion. The Mirman vision remained constant: to create a dynamic learning environment that not only challenges and inspires highly gifted children but also fosters their development into compassionate community leaders. To assess the viability of each campaign element and proposed goal, the school leadership engaged NGA for a feasibility study and campaign counsel.

Our Strategy

Through the study, NGA identified donor interest in specific elements of the project and produced a revised case and campaign plan, providing counsel to Mirman staff and volunteer leadership on its visionary “Mirman Next” campaign.

After the campaign ended, NGA was brought in for strategic fundraising planning services. The opportunity to establish a planned giving program at the school was solidified when the longtime board member and son of founders Dr. Norman J. Mirman and Mrs. Beverly Mirman stepped forward to announce a significant legacy gift.

Success Together

Though the campaign launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Mirman Next” not only surpassed its initial target of $12.5 million, but also achieved an official total of over $15 million. Today, with a planned giving program in place to ensure continued support of the mission far into the future, Mirman celebrates its renovated spaces and new 16,130-square-foot Guerin Family Learning Center and Derfner-Lieberman Family Arts Pavilion, including:

  • Lauren and Bobby Turner Visual Arts Studio
  • Wiczyk Performing Arts Studio
  • Michelson Family STEAM Center for Innovation

Five new Lower School classrooms for K-4th grades to facilitate individualized exploration and discovery.


“NGA played a pivotal role in planning, launching, and executing our school's most ambitious and successful campaign to date. Their experience and expertise, paired with a client-centered approach, played a crucial role in achieving an unprecedented outcome for Mirman. Their deep understanding of Mirman's culture, mission, and values, along with a relational and community-centered strategy, proved invaluable throughout the process. They have consistently demonstrated themselves as true partners and contributors to Mirman's transformative journey.”

- Noah Kaufman, Director of Advancement, Mirman School

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